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Termites, which are wood-destroying insects common in most areas of the cities, cause many millions of rupee of damage annually. Termites feed on materials that contain cellulose, primarily dead wood and wood by-products.

There are two major types of termites: subterranean termites, which live in the soil and are found throughout the state; and dry wood termites, which attack dry wood and are most abundant in coastal areas.

Properly treating the soil beneath and around the foundation with anti termite chemicals before construction, called a pre-treatment, reduces the threat of subterranean termites.

If you suspect you have a termite infestation, the following steps will help you select a termite control service:-

* Termites work slowly, so your house will not collapse or be ruined overnight. Do not become unduly alarmed if you learn that termites are, or may be, attacking your home.

* Do not permit anyone to rush you into buying termite control services. Take the time you need to make an informed decision. Delaying a few weeks makes no difference. There is always time to buy this service wisely and at your convenience.
Anti Termite treatment Or White Ants Control Treatments
At the outset we may explain that white ants found in this part of India is mostly of Subterranean variety, i.e. found under the soil. They live in colonies, 10 to 15 feet deep below the soil and come up to take its food which is cellulose which is found in paper, cloth, wood, etc.

There is no conclusive method to know whether any soil has white Ante infestation, as such, it becomes imperative to go in for Pre-construction Anti Termite Treatment, in proposed buildings / houses, as a preventive against attack of WHITE ANTS. While for existing buildings it is necessary to go in for Post-Construction White Ants Treatment in case there is apparent infestation and / or preventive, if the infestation is not visible.
Suitable treatment in different stages of construction consisting of four/five steps as per requirements depending upon the type of structure is rendered in the soil as also all the wooden fittings i.e. door/ windows frames and paneling etc. are insulated before fixing.

Even if the structures has cone up, we have strategic solutions based on certain indigenous techniques depending upon various parameters.
To ensure safety of any existing structure from the onslaught of White Ants, or as a preventive which is so necessary if White Ants prone areas, we have got schemes wherein we offer PROTECTION SERVICE GUARNTEE FROM ONE TO FIVE YEARS, depending upon one's desire.
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