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About Us
About Us
The Legal Eagles Global Corporation along with its entire team of eminent lawyers, jurists, Chartered Accountants, Retired Bankers, and top level Executives have the pleasure to introduce ourselves to you, as a complete full-fledged and self reliant Unit of CWIIL GROUP of Companies.
The Legal Eagles Global Corp. have ready made and effective solutions rather to solve all types of legal problems, tussles and bristling controversies/disputes raging in the various Tribunals and courts with the blessings of the Almighty, Elders and well Wishers We are introducing complete legal solutions/remedies/ pleadings, irrespective of the gravity of the legal problems involved in all these legal battles.
  • Infrastructure
    Super Highways, Highways, Roads, Airports, Dams, Bridges, Townships, Multistoried...
    Aircraft Charter Services, Buying & Selling, Maintenance, Financing of Aircraft, Trained...
    Hydro, Thermal, Solar & Alternative Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution Projects.
    Research & Development of Various Technologies. Global Delivery & Sourcing...
  • Astro Guru
    Astrologically Compatible High End Designer Jewellery, Vedic Mantrocharran for High...
    Globalization of higher education services, Development of international mechanisms...
    Events & Production of Programs, third party events, exhibition, movies and documentaries.
    IT & ITES
    Infrastructure Outsourcing, Software Development, Web Site Development, Internet Marketing...
  • Legal
    Single Window Legal Solutions – Hon’ble Supreme Court & High Courts, Recovery Matters...
    News coverage from 180 countries, News, Views, Analysis, Live Events, IP TV, Advertising & Publicity.
    Medical Tourism, The Medical Services Plan insures medically required services provided by ...
    Oil & Gas
    The Exploration and Production (E&P) Business Division under Oil & Gas Division of CWIIL GROUP has...
  • Pest Control
    Termite Control, Insect Control, Special Carpet Treatment, White Ants Control Treatment, Wood-Borer Control.
    Public Private Partnership
    Management, Investments, Projects & Financing.
    Cargo & Financing of similar projects.
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