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Scientific Activities
Dr. Jaswant Singh, Ph.D. :
The long-term observations of chemical properties of the atmosphere have demonstrated discovery of the rapid depletion of stratospheric ozone over Antarctica during the spring months. There is widespread scientific concern about drastically losses of stratospheric ozone. Over some of part of Antarctica, upto 60% of the total overhead amount of ozone is depleting during the Antarctic spring (September-November). My research aim is to study the impact of potentially harmful UV-B radiations and adaptations and survival mechanism of few Antarctic plant species. We are conducting the morphological and physiological experiments at Indian research station at “Maitri”, East Antarctica.

Currently I am handling two research projects and studying the impacts of increasing ultraviolet-B radiation (UV-B) due to ozone depletion. We are measuring the elevated UV-B radiations and Ozone concentrations during our study period. My research fellows are conducting field studies at Indian research station “Maitri” and at few sites of Himalayan region along with experimental studies in the laboratory. I am also examining the development of UV-B absorbing pigments and role of these pigments in providing protection against UV stress to three different plant species.

In the area of Ecotoxicolgy, I am also undertaking research on environmental problems of regional and national importance such as environmental monitoring of hazardous solid wastes, management and reuse of industrial wastewater and ecotoxicological evaluation of water pollutants. Toxicity evaluation is being carried out by using standard faunal and floral bioassay systems along with physico-chemical characterization of the toxicant.
Indian Research Stations :
India’s first research station, Dakshin Gangotri (DG) erected at 70.05S 12E on the ice shelf in the year 1983-84, and it remained functional from 1983-90. India’s second research station “Maitri”, which has now taken over the role of permanent base, indigenously structured by R&DE (Engs.), Pune at 70.45S and 11.44E on the Schimacher hill on an ice-free area.

India is now establishing its third Antarctic station at 69024/24.80//S and 76011/14.70//E in the Larsemann Hills, Ingrid Christensen coast.
Further/Additional Information :
Curriculum Vitae :

Dr. Jaswant Singh, Reader,

Department of Environmental Sciences Dr. R. M. L. Avadh University, Faizabad-224001, U.P., India.

Phone: Office +5278-246223;

Fax: +5278-246330




Ph.D. Botany, 1987, Kanpur University, Kanpur

M.Sc. Botany, 1983, Lucknow University.

Research Experience :

During the doctoral studies as a Junior and Senior Research Fellow at National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow, detailed aerobiological surveys in a few places in India were done and the spores of different ferns were tested for allergenic reactions at the allergy clinic of King George’s Medical College, Lucknow. Biochemical studies were conducted on the developing stages of Pteris vittata to see at what stages of spore development, the allergenic principles set in. Animal patch testing showed that mature spores and their fractions elicit corresponding reactions in animal models.

On the basis of research experience and paper published in the reputed national and international Journals, selected as a Research Associate at the Ecotoxicology Division of Industrial Toxicology Research Center, Lucknow and undertaken toxicity studies of detergents. Results indicated that the data for safety evaluation of entire life cycle analysis are needed before fixing ecological safe limits.

Awarded CSIR, Scientist Fellowship to conduct experimental studies on the kinetics of  Cd and Ca uptake and interaction in aquatic plants, in the presence of heavy metals.

Attended the Risk Assessment Summer School (RASS V), Aug. 27 to Sept. 4, 1994  United Kingdom by the International Union of Toxicology.

International exposure and interaction with toxicologist helped me in my selection as a Lecturer, in the Department of Environmental Sciences of Dr. RML Avadh University, Faizabad, UP., India.

In the Department of Environmental Sciences with regular teaching of post graduate students I was actively involved in the research activity and  attended the 5th auDes conference on Environmental Education (April, 15-17,1999) at Zurich, Switzerland.   

Based on the performance in the research and academics, I was selected as Reader, in the Department Of Environmental Sciences (2004).

Published, 52 Research papers; 13 Book Chapters; 07 review articles; 32 Conference/Seminar abstracts and edited one book Natural Resource Management & Conservation (2003), Kalyani Publishers, New Delhi.

Selected and Participated in the 22nd Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica (2002 - 2003) in collaboration with National Physical Laboratory and conducted studies on  Measurments of  UV-B radiations and Water Quality assessment of the Priyadarshani lake at Antarctica.

Selected and Participated in the 24th  Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica (2004-2005)  to carry out research on Influence of UVB radiations and survival mechanism of flora of Schirmacher Oasis at East Antarctica.


Country(s) Visited: United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland.

Field of Specialization: Adaptive mechanism of Antarctic flora  and  Ecotoxicology

Scientific Research activity of Dr. Singh at Antarctica, includes following two Programs:

1. Measurements of ultraviolet B radiations and survival mechanism of plants.

2. Water Quality Assessment of the Priyadarshani Lake.

Research Projects in progress
1.Studies on the influence of ultraviolet-B radiation on the  survivorship and pigment concentration of flora over Schirmacher
Oasis, East Antarctic, Project Grant No. NCAOR/DOD/01(G)/05.
2. Adaptive Strategies of Microflora In The Harsh Antarctic Environment Over The Schirmacher Region, East Antarctica”, Project
Grant No. 80(0061)/06/EMR-II.
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