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Yogas in Astrology
This book deals primarily with the technique of analysis and interpretation of the various astrological yogas as per the Parashari system. The Panch-mahapurusha yogas, the Solar and Lunar yogas and important Dhana, Raja and Arishta yogas have all been treated exhaustively.
Elements of Vedic Astrology
This work deals with the subject of astrology as a whole, starting from the basic and elementary concepts, proceeding systematically to the most advanced areas. It provides the most comprehensive account of the fundamental principles of Vedic Astrology.
Essentials of Medical Astrology
For the first time, the principles of medical astrology have been presented in an organised, lucid and scientific manner. Starting from the very basic principles that govern sound and unsound health, more and more intricate areas are explained until the final astrological diagnoses.
Applications of Yogini Dasha
This is the first book ever in the history of Vedic astrology on the application of Yogini dasha. The Yogini dasha is the finest, shortest and the most effective tool for precise predictions in a well defined time-frame. The book also describes the techniques of analysing a horoscopic chart.
Dots of Destiny – Ashtkavarga
first ever book on Ashtakavarga which leads the student step-by-step to the application of Ashtakavarga for everyday predictions. Reveals the decisive role of Ashtakavarga in analysing the dreaded period of sadhe-sati and much more.
Subtleties of Medical Astrology
This is the second, and more advanced, work on medical astrology by Dr. Charak who is both an astrologer and a surgeon. It consists of his research into more subtle areas of medical astrology, and is an important complement to his earlier work, Essentials of Medical Astrology.
A Textbook of Varshaphala
This book deals with the Vedic system of construc-tion and analysis of the annual chart. This is the first textbook of Varshaphala which is fully illustrated with examples. The Tajika yogas which form the backbone of successful predictions have been dealt with in a most lucid manner.
Predictive Techniques in Varshaphala
This book emphasises on the practical application of the principles of Varshaphala. It integrates the analysis of the annual chart with that of the natal chart. A section, profusely illustrated, is devoted to the application of the various principles of Varshaphala to varied real-life situtations.
Surya – The Sun God
A most elaborate, multi-dimensional and comprehensive treatment of the Sun in Yoga, Vedanta, Astrology and Pauranic lore. A must for all those interested in Vedic astrology and ancient Indian culture.
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