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Ast Expanding Astrologys Universe Dobyns
Dr. Dobyns starts with a discussion of her twelve-letter alphabet of astrology, then applies her psychological understanding to people’s characters, horoscopes and experiences. Provides a look at mundane charts, locality charts and spirituality, a survey of the different ways people have manifested the potential for power in their charts."
Ast Children Of The Moon-Lau
This book is for parents and expectant parents-it gives profiles of children based on time, month, and year of birth. A child's birth hour or ascendant is also governed by an animal sign and is described here in conjunction with his or her native lunar sign according to Lau's interpretation of Chinese horoscopes. The book also includes a special story dedicated to each lunar year sign at the end of each chapter.
Ast House Connection Hamaker Zondag
This guide aims to show you how the ancient wisdom of moon magic will help you cast secret spells, chart your moon sign and choose the most auspicious days for celebrations and decision making. Two chapters on astrology - covering both Chinese signs and those more prevalently used in the West can help you discover the perfect partner in business life and love. Learn too how palmistry can unravel the future by tracing the lines on your hand. Is your lifeline telling you to travel? Does your fate line indicate success?
Ast Creative Astrology Jones
A welcome reprint of this anthology, in which several of the original exponents of creative astrology share their experiences and their understanding. Contibutors are: Babs Kirby, Hans Planje, Tina Whitehead, Ulrike Encke, Prudence Jones, Palden Jenkins, Lindsay River, and Suffolk Astrological Society (Tina Cox and Glenda
Ast House Connection Hamaker Zondag
Jansky explains how the signs of the zodiac relate to different parts of the body and how the houses of your natal horoscope are related to your food preferences and nutritional needs. He shows that the planetary aspects in your chart represent the flow of energy among the various systems of the body, which can indicate potential health problems. You will learn about the role of Saturn, representing protein in your diet, and how Venus controls the digestion of carbohydrates. You will learn that Jupiter rules the liver and the metabolism of fats, and that Pluto shows how enzymes work. Also, you will find out how to use your planetary transits to select the best time for elective surgery
Ast Foundations Of Personality Hamaker Zondag
In this book the inner workings and methodology which underlies this precise cycles-based forecasting system are revealed and made accessible to financial analysts, business men and investors alike. One of the best kept secrets in sound financial planning--astrology-based forecasting--is out, and with this eminently down-to-earth guide, everyone can learn to profitably read the stars
Ast House Connection Hamaker Zondag
This book is now the basic textbook used by students of the Huber Method of working with psychological astrology. It examines the traditional orientation and modern psychological nuances of the twelve houses. Previously published as "Man and His World.
Ast Foundations of Personality Hamaker Zondag
This work brings together all of the basic principles for interpreting a natal chart as it reveals the psyche in terms of Jungian psychological concepts. It describes the psychological patterns indicated by the elements and crosses, explains the traditional house meanings, and elaborates a method of chart interpretation. Combines the previously published The Houses and Personality Development, and Elements & Crosses as the Basis of the Horoscope. Charts, illustrations, bibliography. 336 pp.
Ast Raising With The Moon-Pyle
Planting "by the signs" is an ancient tradition carried on by millions of people. This book explains the logic of gardening by the signs of the moon and shows how it works, giving clear and complete instructions for calculating the moon's effect on every aspect of gardening--preparing the soil, cultivating, planting, fertilizing, transplanting, pruning, grafting, controlling weeds and pests, and harvests. It also explains how the moon affects many other areas of life and how the moon signs can be employed for better results in these matters. No almanac user should be without this comprehensive one-source reference.
Ast House Connection Hamaker Zondag
The best-selling guides to your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs are fully updated and available for the first time in one volume. If you read your stars every day you will know your Sun sign and what it says about your basic personality. But your Rising Sign, and your Moon can reveal far more about the real you, and the three taken together will give you the most accurate self-portrait of all. With this easy-to-read guide you will discover the truth about your personality
Ast House Connection Hamaker Zondag
Tyl, an astrologer with 30 years of experience, shows readers how to make sense of love troubles by examining dozens of real-life couples' relationships. Not for the uninitiated, this serious book uses terms like ""animus and anima"" and ""nodal axis."" But for those with an earnest interest in astrology, Tyl's work is insightful and thorough.
Ast Celestial Psychology Hebel
Aspects to the outer planets-Saturn to Pluto-are explored to show how the nature of particular planets defines negative and positive influences in the birthchart. Includes health considerations, therapeutic techniques, relationships between people. 136 pp
Ast House Connection Hamaker Zondag
"MILLENIUM FEARS, FANTASIES AND FACTS reviews myths about the comming millenium. It projects what is likely and not likely to occur. With her comprensive, common sence approach, Pottenger discusses various disaster scenarios, the meaning of 2000, the Aquarian Age, and cycles in human history
Ast Book Of Rulerships Lehman
First and foremost, this is a reference book on rulerships; second, this is a classical concordance. Although astrological works dating from the seventeenth century and earlier lack explanations or discussions of the methods of assigning rulerships, we know that rulerships were assigned, and continue to be assigned, right up to the present moment, as new concepts/things are invented/discovered. Dr. Lehman examines how this process was really practiced in the classical period to give us insights into how to proceed today.
Ast Charting Your Spiritual Path With Astrology
This book is for any person who seeks the inner peace that comes with knowing his or her purpose in life. It is also astrologers who are encountering more and more clients looking for answers to existential questions. Charting Your Spiritual Path with Astrology provides a systematic look at astrological factors that add up to a spiritually oriented man of an individual. Those who understand this map can move forward through life joyously and courageously, knowing that the path is appropriate to their personal beliefs, desires, and needs.
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