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If you are not interested in spending huge sums of money over hiring real staff and renting a bigger office space then you can utilize virtual staffing solutions in which you need not worry about any of the additional allowances. You can outsource the tasks like software development, website development and design, web research, DTP services, SEO services, CAD services and data entry to our virtual professionals working via Internet, emails, fax, phone and instant messenger at remote locations(India in our case).

Benefits of Virtual Staffing Services

  • Access to skilled, multi-disciplined and economical knowledge workers.
  • Reduced cost on support system like office admin, HR or finance.
  • You can focus on your core business.
  • You can save more on recruitment.
  • You can save more on payroll budget.
  • Since we are located in different time zone therefore we can provide 24 x 7 administrative, creative, managerial, technical, monitoring and marketing support services to you.
  • Excellent English language skills of our virtual assistants enable them to understand the projects in detail.

Why Hire Us

We will appoint a dedicated project manager exclusively working on your project. Communicating with us is also easy as you can communicate with us via messengers like Skype, Yahoo, Google Talk, MSN etc.

When you hire us for software development/website development projects then your development cost gets reduced which in turn maximizes your return of investment. You just pay us monthly fees and there is no need to pay extra fees in the form of taxes and start up fees.


24 X 7 Generator back up
24 X 7 Broadband Connection/Lease Line
Up-to-date Hardware

Process and Communication

  • Infrastructure
    Super Highways, Highways, Roads, Airports, Dams, Bridges, Townships, Multistoried...
    Aircraft Charter Services, Buying & Selling, Maintenance, Financing of Aircraft, Trained...
    Hydro, Thermal, Solar & Alternative Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution Projects.
    Research & Development of Various Technologies. Global Delivery & Sourcing...
  • Astro Guru
    Astrologically Compatible High End Designer Jewellery, Vedic Mantrocharran for High...
    Globalization of higher education services, Development of international mechanisms...
    Events & Production of Programs, third party events, exhibition, movies and documentaries.
    IT & ITES
    Infrastructure Outsourcing, Software Development, Web Site Development, Internet Marketing...
  • Legal
    Single Window Legal Solutions – Hon’ble Supreme Court & High Courts, Recovery Matters...
    News coverage from 180 countries, News, Views, Analysis, Live Events, IP TV, Advertising & Publicity.
    Medical Tourism, The Medical Services Plan insures medically required services provided by ...
    Oil & Gas
    The Exploration and Production (E&P) Business Division under Oil & Gas Division of CWIIL GROUP has...
  • Pest Control
    Termite Control, Insect Control, Special Carpet Treatment, White Ants Control Treatment, Wood-Borer Control.
    Public Private Partnership
    Management, Investments, Projects & Financing.
    Cargo & Financing of similar projects.
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