About CWIIL Group of Companies :
We at CWIIL Group of Companies see to it that our Unique Combined Intellectual Properties and our Dedicated, Result-Oriented, Super-Specialists of Various Fields work towards Providing Customised, Economically Viable and Practical Solutions to our Esteemed Clients. Read More
CWIIL Group Verticals
  • Infrastructure
    Super Highways, Highways, Roads, Airports, Dams, Bridges, Townships, Multistoried...
    Aircraft Charter Services, Buying & Selling, Maintenance, Financing of Aircraft, Trained...
    Hydro, Thermal, Solar & Alternative Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution Projects.
    Research & Development of Various Technologies. Global Delivery & Sourcing...
  • Astro Guru
    Astrologically Compatible High End Designer Jewellery, Vedic Mantrocharran for High...
    Globalization of higher education services, Development of international mechanisms...
    Events & Production of Programs, third party events, exhibition, movies and documentaries.
    IT & ITES
    Infrastructure Outsourcing, Software Development, Web Site Development, Internet Marketing...
  • Legal
    Single Window Legal Solutions – Hon’ble Supreme Court & High Courts, Recovery Matters...
    News coverage from 180 countries, News, Views, Analysis, Live Events, IP TV, Advertising & Publicity.
    Medical Tourism, The Medical Services Plan insures medically required services provided by ...
    Oil & Gas
    The Exploration and Production (E&P) Business Division under Oil & Gas Division of CWIIL GROUP has...
  • Pest Control
    Termite Control, Insect Control, Special Carpet Treatment, White Ants Control Treatment, Wood-Borer Control.
    Public Private Partnership
    Management, Investments, Projects & Financing.
    Cargo & Financing of similar projects.
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To ensure speedy, sustained & focused, Value-For-Money, CWIIL Group of Companies launches corporate management service which provide single window solutions, services, products & projects.
Vision / Mission
To ensure Speedy, sustained & Focused, Value- For-Money Solution/s Meeting our Esteemed Clients' Requirements : Ensuring that they and their Interests are Professionally....
Core Values
KAIZEN, which in layman terms means Constant Improvement , is our driving force, as Change is the only constant in the world. Adherence to Ethical, Legal, Socio-Environmental Values while Getting ....
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